Development of the IncoSense Smart

IncoSense BV is working on the IncoSense Smart within the framework of the EU project CrossCare.

The innovation IncoSense Smart consists of a sensor (a wearable device that measures saturation of incontinence material based on the ‘Internet of Things’ technology), a notification system and a management dashboard. The project aims to introduce a number of development steps in order to prepare the IncoSense Smart for market launch. The core of cooperating with Interreg and Crosscare is the implementation of two Live tests: IncoSense will, together with the Eizt (NL) and Happy Ageing (BE), conduct cross-border live tests in the Netherlands and Belgium in the course of 2017 and 2018. Thanks to this collaboration, we can investigate what the implementation of IncoSense Smart can mean for client well-being, quality of care, the cost of incomaterials and incontinence care in general.

The project is funded by the CrossCare project from the European Interreg Flanders-Netherlands program (www.grensregio.eu). Interreg Flanders-The Netherlands stimulates cross-border projects for smart, green and inclusive growth, from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

More information on the current results can be found on the CrossCare website: